In winter when warm humid air contacts a cooler surface, eg glass window, condensation occurs.  On-going condensation can lead to mould growth and perfect conditions for dust mites to breed.  To improve the ventilation in your home, and create a healthier breathing environment, Securimax Smart-Vent systems ventilate your house by utilising warm air from the sunny side of your roof cavity, passing it through a high grade filter before gently distributing it through your home, giving a continuous supply of fresh drier air.  There is also a HEATER upgrade kit option that can be added to your system to warm the air being distributed around your home.

In summer, if you choose a Summer Function system, when your roof cavity reaches a pre-set temperature Securimax Smart-Vent will automatically switch from winter mode (as above)  to summer mode , thus drawing cool air from outside rather than the warm air from the roof cavity.

A new COLOUR TOUCH SCREEN controller is now available.  The below products come with digital controllers.  The new touch screen control packages have different codes and prices.  Until we load these please contact us for prices.
You can view both on

5 year warranty (provided recommended maintenance performed)
Filter replacements not included in warranty