How do I buy products online?

Simply find the product you are looking for by typing it into our search box, or by browsing through the categories on the left hand side of the page. Then just click the "Add to Cart" button to add it to your cart.

You can see the value of items in your cart at the top of the page. To see a full view of your cart simply click on the My Cart link at the top of the page.

Once you are satisfied you have everything in your cart that you'd like to buy, click the Proceed to Checkout button. You will be asked to login or checkout without saving your details, from here you will enter, or confirm, your delivery details and select your payment method.

After the checkout process is complete you will see an Order Confirmation screen containing your reference number. This number and your order details will be emailed to you. Within 3-5 days of placing your order you will receive an email saying that your order has been dispatched. If there are multiple products in your order you may receive multiple emails telling you when each product has been dispatched. The dispatch email will have a tracking number in it so that you can track your order

Do I have to register to order online?

No - you do not have to be registered to purchase from our website. However, registration is quick and easy and has the following benefits: 

You do not need to enter your address and other details every time you shop because these are saved for you.

You can review your order history when you login.

You can choose to receive emails on products and deals so that you never miss a bargain.

You can add products to your Wish List so they are easy to find when you come back to the site in the future

Can I purchase via Phone instead of online?

Yes. But this may delay your order. When you phone your order through us will need the following information.

Part numbers, Quantities, Colour

Do you wish to collect or have your order delivered? If you choose delivery we need a full address.

Example: NZ Address                                  Example: Overseas

Mr John Smith                                              Mr John Smith

10E Vega Place                                            25 Roundtree Avenue

Rosedale                                                      Cooranga

Auckland 0632                                            Queensland 4410


It is important to put a full address if you wish to receive your order in a timely fashion. We will also require a contact phone number and an email address.

Once you order is entered into our system we will email you a copy for conformation. Once you confirm you are happy with your order and we have received payment we will process your order. Please see 4.2 for payment options.

Can I come in and purchase in person?

Yes. But please bear in mind we do not hold a lot of stock on the premises as we do not have a big warehouse but order in as required from suppliers. This generally takes a day or two.

How much will delivery cost?

• Standard delivery costs $10.00  

• Rural delivery of standard items costs $15.00

* Overseas Delivery - Minimum cost starts at $30.00NZD - Please note the smallest package starts at 23cm X 28cm X thickness - This is due to the paperwork which we must attach for NZ customs.

• Large items (Cable Rolls etc.) will be charged according to cubic metre measurement of the item and where you want it delivered. This cost will be applied to each large item you order. You will be emailed a copy Sales Order and requested to advise if you’re happy to proceed before your credit card is charged.

 Please note if you choose the incorrect Freight option (Standard or Rural) this will delay your order. If you are unsure please check freight information.

Please note we do not post within NZ as we do not have staff available to drop goods off at our local post shop.

When will I receive my order?

For stock items – Dispatch will be 1-2 working days after order is received.

For non-stock items – Dispatch will be 3-5 working days after order is received.

Orders are dispatch during business hours only. Our business hours are: Mon – Fri 9.00am to 5.00pm

What should I do if I need my order by a certain date?

When placing an order online please advise any special requirements in the Instructions sections.

When placing an order either by phone or email please advise any special requirements at the time the order is placed.

Otherwise please advise either by phone or email as soon as you know. We will do our best to make this happen.

Where is my order? Can I track my order?

The same day your order is dispatch you will receive an email advising you your order has been dispatch. You will been given the ticket number along with a link so you can track your order.

Who delivers my order? How are orders delivered?

All NZ orders are couriered to you. Your order is sent via one of the following companies.

Courier Post

Castle parcels

Retko NZ

Overseas orders are sent either by one of the following:

NZ Post International Courier - 2-6 Working Days Tracked with Signature Required.

Or you can choose to provide a freight forwarder as we have documentation to be able to ship via the following companies:



UPS Please note there will be a packaging charge when your goods are sent via a freight forwarder.

The minimum charge is $15.00 NZD.

Can I pick my online order up from your store?

Yes, you can choose collect in the delivery section of your order.

Once your order is ready for collection you will receive a phone call advising.

Can I return a product I've bought online?

Yes - in most cases you can return products you have bought online.

Returns must be notified within 3 days of receipt of goods or we have no comeback with our supplier for a credit. Please note there will normally be a restocking fee charged of approximately 20% as our suppliers will charged us when we return items.

Returned goods must be returned in the original condition, including the packaging or we are unable to accept it for resale. Return freight is at the purchaser’s expense. Non stock items will be returned to the supplier. Please send a copy of your invoice stating reason for return. If you send the goods back without a copy of Invoice it may delay you receiving a credit.

Damaged goods must be notified within 3 days of receipt of goods or we have no comeback with our supplier for a credit.  Do not throw out the original packaging for your goods.  If the damage is by courier do not throw out the original outer courier packaging.  If damage is apparent before you open the package please photograph it, if possible, before you open it. Items damaged during the delivery process will normally be uplifted from you by the courier company within a day or two of advising us.

Restrictions and exceptions to the Returns policy above:

Non-returnable items are as follows:

Cut lengths of cable

Part drums of cable

Lamps – unless faulty

Proof of purchase is required in order to get a refund.

I have received the wrong product - what should I do?

Please either ring or email us advising of the problem. Once we have ascertain where the problem has occurred and how best to rectify the problem as will advise you further.

Please accept our apologies for any error or inconvenience this creates

My product is broken or faulty - what should I do?

Please advise us, then please send it back to and we will return it to our supplier.

Please note we are governed by the manufactures warranty.

My product has been damaged during delivery - what should I do?

Please contact us immediately to advise.

If you suspect your product has been damaged during delivery please do not throw any part of the packaging. If possible please take pictures

We will need to contact the courier company and get the goods uplifted from you.

We will need to put a claim in with the courier company – We need to do this within 7 days

Is it safe to shop online? Are my details secure? What security and protection do you offer?

We want you to have a safe and secure shopping experience online. All payments via our site are processed using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, whereby sensitive information is encrypted to protect your privacy. 
You can help to protect your details from unauthorized access by logging out each time you finish using the site, particularly if you are doing so from a public or shared computer.

Please note: Offline credit card payment means your card will be processed in store once all details have been confirmed.

How do I pay for my order? Which credit cards to do you accept? I don't have a credit card - do you accept payment via online banking or bank deposit, debit cards?

You can pay for your order with a credit card or a debit card. We currently accept MasterCard, Visa or internet banking.

If you choose to pay later via Internet banking or bank deposit please do not pay until you hear from us.

If you choose to pay later by credit card please note we need the following information: card number, card expiry, CCV number and the name on the card as it reads. 

Once we receive your order we will check the pricing, availability and freight. Once this is done we will sent you a copy of your Sales Order, if there have been any changes we will advise you at this point and once your payment is received order in any non-stock items as require.

Overseas Customers - How do I pay for my order? Which credit cards to do you accept? I don't have a credit card - do you accept payment via online banking or bank deposit, debit cards?

You can pay for your order with a credit card or a debit card. We currently accept MasterCard, Visa or Bank deposit.

Please note we do check cards to make sure they are secure. If your delivery address is different from the address register against your card please advise the card address in the instructions tab.

Please note if you choose bank deposit there will be additional bank fees of $50NZD to pay on top of your order. Please also note if the money is not paid fully and directly into our Westpac Bank account – For example via another bank there may be further charges which we will need to pass onto to you the customer.

Can I pay on delivery of my goods?

No - Goods will not be sent prior to full payment being secured.

Do I have to pay for goods prior if I am collecting my order?

No – If we hold the parts in stock you may pay on collection.

Yes – If we need to order one or more parts in from supplier. When we order these parts we are ordering them in especially for you as we do not hold these items as stock items.

Does the price shown include GST? What happens when prices change?

All prices listed online are in New Zealand dollars and are exclusive of GST. We cannot update every product every day.   Therefore, prices are subject to change at any time.  If a price has changed, we will notify you before your order is processed.

Are all 7w lamps the same?

No. There are many variables to be considered. The chips used in LED lamps varies from brand to brand.

Generally low cost lamps have a cheap LED in them which means the lamps are only design to work for approximately 10,000 hours.

Not all 7w lamps are the same.

For example: Our 7w LED lamp is as follows

7w LED lamp – Replacement to a 60Watt incandescent lamp

                        550 lumens

                        360 Degrees of light

            50,000 hours life of bulb

            5 Year warranty


For example – 7w LED lamp I found on line - Well-known brand.

7w LED lamp - Replacement to a 40Watt incandescent lamp

                        600 lumens

                        130 Degrees of light

            15,000 hours life of bulb

            No warranty stated online

Extra Information.

There is no easy formula when it comes to LED lamps.

For example our 7w lamp is replacement to a 60watt incandescent lamp

But what a lamp is replacement to depends on the brand you are looking at – There is no rule of thumb.

When choosing LED lamps you need to look at the following:

                        What wattage have you currently been using?

                        Did you get sufficient light, if not perhaps go up in wattage

                        Take a sample with you so you know the following

Base size and base type – Bayonet or Edison Screw – These are generally available in a variety of base diameters.

                        What colour do you prefer as there are a few to choose from?

                        3000K   Warm White - 4000K Daylight

                        How often would you prefer or not prefer to change your lamps?

                        Are some of them in a hard to reach area of your house?

What is an S-Doc?

S-Doc is a Supplier declaration of conformity

Do parts or products which require a S-Doc under NZ law come complete with one?

No – Generally they are not included with most products.

Can I get one if I need it?

Yes – Email us one of the following: part number, Model number or your invoice number stating which part you require the S-Doc for.

Cable size - what size do we need?

The initial questions that we will ask you are:
- Length of run from point of electrical supply (normally top of power pole) to the switchboard, not meter box
- Load required – e.g. standard 63Amps, single phase
- Do you need a pilot wire for hot water control? (certain power boards in NZ control it this way)
- Is your cable going underground or overhead?

Cable costs - Aluminum vs Copper?

Copper cable - you will require a smaller sized cable than aluminum to achieve the same volt drop (to cater for the load at the farthest end) but due to today's copper costs it is likely to be more expensive over a long run, hence why many are opting for aluminum for these runs and tailing the ends down to copper.
Standard example:
Aluminum cable generally tails down to 16mm 1C copper.
The joints required are the Aluminum cable size down to the copper cable size, e.g. 70mm Aluminum to 16mm copper joint.
For each core of cable you need one tail and one joint for each end. So, for 4Core Aluminum you will need 8 tails and 8 joints. See Mains Cable section and Cable Accessories
Standard tail length is 1 metre or more. 

deciBels - how noisy is it?

As a guide here are some everyday noises to compare:
60dB  Normal conversation
50dB  Quiet office
40dB  Library
30dB  Late night suburbia

Lighting - Colour Temperature Guide

Colour temperature refers to the colour appearance of a light source.  It is measured in degrees Kelvin (K), e.g. A fluorescent tube colour of 840 = The 40 indicates a colour temperature of 4000K.  The 8 refers to the colour rendering (Ra).  Colour rendering is the ability of a light source to reproduce colour.  This is rated on the Colour Rendering Index (CRI), e.g. 8 indicates a colour rendering between 80-90 (good).

CRI:   Moderate 60-80 Ra,   Good 80-90 Ra,   Excellent 90 Ra and above.

2700 Incandescent Light    (standard NZ household lighting until recent times)
3000 Warm White 
4000 Cool White
5000 Daylight
6500 Cool Daylight

Examples of uses:
827 - Bar, Casino, Restaurant, In the home, Cinema, Church, Funeral Parlour, Oratory, Sauna
830 - Abattoir, Shops, Airport Terminal and public places, Auditorium, Cellar, Elderly Homes,  Hairdresser, Library, Motels, TV Shop, Shop Window, Study, Video Outlet, Washroom
840 - Archives, Auction Room, Schools, Boardroom, Bathroom Equipment, Brewery, Cars, Computer Room, Corner Store, Dept Store, Engine Room, Fast Food, Food Prep, Garage, Jewellery, Office, Sports Halls, Stationer
930 - Antique Shop, Art Gallery/Museum, Fruit & Veg, Bakeries, Cosmetics, Florist, Interior Decorator, Fabric and Wool, Perfumery, Shoes, Tailors, Poultry
940 - Chemist, Clinics, Dentist, Drycleaners, Film Studio, Optician, Print Shop
950 - Graphic Arts, Hospital, Paint Shop, Printers
965 - Colour Grading, matching, reproducing
79   - Butcher
Courtesy Philips Lighting NZ