Domestic Switchboards (fuse boxes) and Meter boxes

Meter BoxesDifferent power authorities around NZ have differing requirements.  We have listed them by location but if you're not sure which meter box to use just give us a call.

Pillar Boxes/PlinthsDifferent Power Networks throughout require different styles of pillar boxes.
We can quote on the appropriate box for your location.

Fuse Boards/Switchboards A huge range of industrial electrical switchboards and domestic switchboards including PDL, HPM and Vynco fuse boxes, as well as electrical switchgear, including Hager Switchboards and Hager MCBs, all are reliable switchgear suppliers and manufacturers fully complying with AS/NZ Standards


S-Doc's (Supplier Declaration of Conformity) do not generally come with products. Please advise via email if you require a copy of a products S-Doc along with the model number or part no. Thank you.