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The PDL Iconic Outdoor range has been designed to bring weatherproof performance with a sleek and modern aesthetic to power your life outdoors.

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Discover the Iconic® Outdoor range

Redefining weather-proof products, Iconic Outdoor is the innovative new range which achieves a balance between simplicity of installation, clever technology and consumer friendly aesthetics. Designed for the residential market, but with electrical contractors in mind, the range is suitable for Zone 2 applications. Iconic Outdoor sockets have an IP54 protection rating, while the Iconic Outdoor switches have an IP56 protection rating.

Reliable and robust

Sockets feature a spring-loaded sealing shutter with engineered water channel, the innovative design provides IP54 protection.

Easy to use

Mounting holes are pre-drilled outside the waterproof area to prevent ingress, meaning there is no need for drilling or caps - ensuring the integrity of the IP rating. Once attached to the wall, all remaining assembly is easy and screwless. Clip on cover hides all mounting screws for a clean finish. Ease of use for customer with visible front facing plug entry apertures.


New cable entry seals and optional conduit entries are integrated into the frame, reducing the need for glue. Seals can be easily opened with pull tabs.


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology allows users to configure socket timer settings with their smart phone or tablet. Perfect for outdoor pool pumps, fountains, and appliances that you want to control using your smart device. It can also be converted to Zigbee format to work with the Wiser Hub, both options use the Wiser by SE app.


Aesthetically appealing with fresh, clean lines and bevelled edges which deflect impacts and prevent the build-up of dirt.


Available in white and black, the switches and sockets will suit any environment.

Sockets with a Difference

Iconic® Outdoor achieves a balance between simplicity of installation and consumer friendly aesthetics




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