Modena & Strato Series

Modena & Strato Series

Minimalist. The Modena 8000 Series is perfectly designed with the best form, function and safety features in mind. It has a sophisticated curved surround tailored with a subtle, minimalist finish.

Minimal, low-profile design. The unique Strato 8000 Series modular design will appeal if you want an eye-catching switch to furnish modern interiors – with the option to change its cover plate to suit evolving trends.

PDL800 Series – Modena Switches, Sockets etc available in either Black or White. If Black & White isn’t quite you – You can change the cover plate to Stainless Steel, Brushed Bronze etc. Or Strato which is available in Black or White.

Want something a little different? Choose a Grid & Cover Plate and choose the modules you need.


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