Heat Pumps / Air Conditioners

Heat Pumps / Air Conditioners

Room Sizing

Heat Pump/Air Conditioners

As a general rule-of-thumb you can use the following as a guide:
Modern well insulated homes - Times the kW rating of the cooling kW of the Heat Pump by 10 for room's square metre/capacity e.g. 2.5kW = 25m2
Lots of north facing glass - upsize due to increased cooling requirements
Older or poorly insulated homes - upsize due to heat loss

Basic Principles of the Inverter Heat Pump

Through the regulation of the compressor's rotary speed, the inverter only produces as much capacity as is actually needed, therefore the inverter compressor consumes very little energy compared to original fixed speed compressors, running at 100% capacity stopping and starting until to maintain its temperature settings.   The inverter compressor will vary its capacity in order to maintain a consistent temperature.

All heat pumps are also Air Conditioners 
Courtesy Toshiba

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