Philips Sereno TBS528 Energy efficient Office Luminaire, incl tubes

Philips Sereno TBS528 Energy efficient Office Luminaire, incl tubes
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Buy the Philips Sereno TBS528 2x28W TL5s instead of a standard 3x36Watt Troffer for your office lighting ... why?

1.  Better lighting and appearance - uses micro optics.  The improved glare control makes it a better option for offices or any suspended ceiling or grid ceiling.

2.  Power saving - The Philips Sereno is 55\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\% more energy efficient than a wire-wound 3-36W troffer.  And it's 25\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\% more energy efficient than an electronic 3x36W troffer.

3.   Easier to install - either retrofits or new installations.  Replace old troffers or install as new - comply to AS/NZS1680 standards.  No need for any infill panels as the TBS528 comes in a standard 1200mm x 600mm format.

4.  Lower maintenance costs - The TBS528 has a 28,000 hour lamp life - that's 8,000hrs longer than standard TLD lamps.  It only needs ONE electronic ballast to drive two lamps (compared to three wire-wound ballasts driving 3 lamps) and it takes less time to replace lamps too.

Requires 2 x TL5 28W tubes colour 840 -- COLOUR 840 INCLUDED
Replacement tubes:  Philips Master TL5 28,000hr tubes

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