Ecomind Features

Ecomind Features
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Electricity monitor display :
– display your instant, average and historical electricity usage
      in dollars ($), kilowatts (kWh) and carbon tonnes (KgCO2).
– monitor hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and average data.
– memory function allows you to store and analyse historical data.

• Electricity monitor software (optional) :
– graphically display electricity usage over selected time periods.
– set and track electricity targets.
– manage and plan demand.
– compare different tariffs.
– create electricity reports (PDF and Excel format).
– view electricity consumption summaries.
– consumption predictions.
– create sticky notes to explain peak or low electricity usage.

• Transmitter options :
– Mains powered transmitter available.
– additional CT-sensors available for 3-phase installations.

Ecomind Benefits
• REDUCE your energy use
• MONITOR your electricity consumption.
• SAVE money on your electricity bills.

- Take control of your energy consumption !
   Manage and plan demand to save up to 10\% on your electricity bill.
   Graphically monitor and display your electricity usage (day, week, month)
      on your computer / digital device at home or remotely.
   Display Energy Use, Electricity Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
   Set and track electricity consumption targets.
   Average carbon emissions.

Monitor Display Features   Electricity     Energy Use      Greenhouse
  (day, week, month)            Costs                                Gas Emissions             
Energy Now                           ✔                   ✔                      ✔     
Energy Average                     ✔                   ✔                      ✔     
Energy History                        ✔                   ✔                      ✔

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