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The beautiful electrical accessories range from PDL where style meets clever efficiency. From standard switches and power points to simple smart home functionality, Iconic is the new standard in modern living for every home.

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Introducing the PDL Iconic range

PDL Iconic is the latest design in light switches and power points. It considers not only aesthetics but functionality and usability.

Infinitely customisable

Iconic offers a choice of 3 skin designs that simply clip on the grids. Once installed by an electrician, it’s safe to change the skins. Simply clip off the standard skins and clip on the new design.

Smart Features

Iconic is loaded with clever features, designed to make your life easier. From USB chargers and night walk sensor lights to energy-saving sensors and multi-way control of lights, the Iconic has got you covered. PDL Iconic Bluetooth low energy allows you to control lights and timers via the Wiser Room app or the new Wiser by SE app.

Iconic® Styl

Metallic light switches and power points add elegance to an area of the home that's often overlooked. Our Iconic Styl range offers texture and modern simplicity across three aluminium finishes: Silver, Silver Shadow and Crowne.


Iconic® Essence

Looking for something different? Iconic Essence has smooth, round wooden edges, inspired by classic comfort and elegance. And the natural birch timber edge highlights each light switch and power point.


PDL Iconic

Residential sockets, switches, dimmers and timers, USB chargers, new safety features, Bluetooth and more

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