PDL600 Sockets

PDL 691RCD30 Single Vertical Socket 10A with 30mA RCD

Product code PDL691RCD30

$117.10 +GST

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Perfect in any household environment, especially in the kitchen, bathroom and other high usage areas.


  • 20A resistive rating on RCD unit, meaning that other sockets can be wired downstream to benefit from RCD protection.
  • 30mA RCD protection for personal safety
  • Average unit tripping time of 0.03 of a second to minimise exposure to a fatal shock situation.
  • Mechanical indication of device status - indicates whether the RCD is latched or has been tripped.
  • Amber neon indication of power availability.
  • Unit remains latched in loss of voltage situations - doesn't need to be reset.
  • Double pole switching protects against faulty wiring.
  • Large clearly labelled terminals for input (Line) and output (Load).


  • Mounting Centres 84mm
  • 230-240V a.c. 50Hz
  • Maximum load: 4800W
  • Type tested to AS/NZS3190

All PDL RCDs are tested rigorously to ensure maximum quality and reliability in the field.

Suits metal cover plate:  691RCDM PB/BBZ/SS - plastic replacement covers not available