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Hager 2Pole RCBO 6kA 30mA C-Curve - Select Amps

Product code HAGADA9--T

Gst Inc

$131.96 inc GST

  • Description

Provides MCB overload protection and earth leakage protection
Single pole with switched neutral - 2 modules wide
Detects a.c. as well as pulsating d.c. residual currents
Solid state devices that are connected to permanent wiring have an increased possibility of generating residual current containing a d.c. component.  Type A devices are able to tolerate this d.c. component.

Earth fault indication window
Trip free mechanisms

Connection Capacity:
16mm2 flexible
25mm2 rigid

Auxiliary and alarm contact earth
Toggle locking device
Shunt trip
Undervoltage release

Residual current 30mA